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Our Long Lasting Automotive Labels

High-Quality Automotive Labels There’s a lot to know when it comes to automobiles; what the vehicle identification number (VIN) is, how to use the child safety locks and more. Most of this information can be found on automotive labels, labels that Whitlam Group produces. Whitlam produces high-quality automotive labels. From warning and informational labels to …

How do Security Labels Enhance a Product's Protection?

When considering how to best protect your brand’s product, one of the best ways to do so is by utilizing Whitlam Group’s security labels. We understand that in this day and age, it’s as important as ever to make every precaution to protect your products and security labels offer a specialized way to protect your …

How Using Coupons Can Translate Into More Sales

Companies will do anything to get ahead of their competition, including the use of coupons. Coupons are beneficial because they come in a variety of kinds and can offer instant savings for consumers.

Whitlam Scratch-Off Labels Create Major Buzz

Scratch-Off Labels are simple and efficient ways to create buzz around your business or product. At Whitlam Group we offer fun, creative and colorful ways to enhance your product with Scratch-Off Labels.

Smart Labels Protect Your Brand

Recent studies have shown that product counterfeiting cost companies between $250 and $600 billion per year: a staggering number that could easily be prevented with the proper application of smart labels and product packaging to protect your brand.

The truth on food and beverage labels

The US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has very strict and specific rules laid down about what must legally appear on food and beverage labels for consumable products sold in the United States. The traditional Nutrition Facts label is quite familiar to everybody: However, most people don’t really pay attention to a critical part of …

A Step Beyond Food and Beverage Labels

We at Whitlam have recently been noticing some of the innovative drink labels food and beverage companies are creating. Learn more about these unique bottle labels.

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