There are many different ways to gain attraction for your product or brand. One of the most efficient ways we’ve found here at Whitlam Group is to utilize coupons.
Are you looking to boost your brand’s performance. If so, then let’s talk coupons. Coupons are usually found on the outside of a product and offer instant savings for that particular item. What makes this so effective? For one, if a consumer is in the store and debating between two brands for the same product and sees that Brand A has an instant redeemable coupon and Brand B doesn’t, the consumer will more than likely choose Brand A over Brand B. And not only does this offer immediate results, it can result in brand converts. The consumer might have been partial to Brand B, but because of Brand A’s instant discount, they are more likely to come back to Brand A and stay with it if that coupon is offered for an extended period of time.¬† Everybody loves a deal.

Whitlam Group offers coupons that are effective and motivational. Studies have shown that 82% of consumers use coupons. This means they are on the watch for savings, which creates a better chance of a consumer choosing the brand with a coupon over the one that doesn’t. Another important statistic is that 70% of consumers make most of their shopping decisions in the store. This also opens the door for new customers. A consumer might have “ranch dressing” on their shopping list, but might not be brand-specific. If they’re staring at the shelf and see that one brand has a coupon and another does not, chances are they’ll choose the one with the instant redeemable coupon.
Also, just as important, almost half of all retailers use coupons. This means that the competition for the consumer’s attention and business is as intense as ever. It’s important as a company to get a leg up on the competition by getting your instant redeemable coupon on your brand’s products.
Another reason this is such an efficient way to build business is because it is an inexpensive investment for companies with a very high return. Spending a small amount of money on high-quality coupons can grow business immensely, making the overall investment worthwhile. Specifically, instant redeemable coupons have the highest return rate for consumers because of the instant savings that are offered.
There are many different uses for instant redeemable coupons: retail, health and beauty, food and beverage, medical, automotive, and promotional. Whitlam Group also offers  coupons in either standard or custom shapes and sizes. As for coupon styles, we offer many different kinds, including: in-pack, on-pack, on-shelf, instant redeemable coupons, overwrapped, hang tag, etc. For a brochure on our labels, please Click Here.
If you have any questions regarding the types of coupons Whitlam offers, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!