Basic Fundamentals of Labeling

When getting started on your label project, use this list to guide you through the process, and ask yourself the following questions:

Label Performance

What does the label adhere to? (Plastic, metal, glass, corrugated, aluminum.)
What are the surface conditions? (Smooth, or textured, flat or curved, clean or oily?)
What environment will the label be exposed to?
Does the label need to be permanent or removable?
Is there any imprinting? (If imprinting, what method is being used?)
Does the label require any testing? (i.e. PPAP.?)

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Fundamental Labeling

Label Characteristics

Do you have a sample?+
How many colors?+
Is there consecutive numbering?+
Does the label need lamination for protection?+
Do you have a blueprint? +
Material type?+
Are there any barcodes?+
What is the size of the label?+
Is there a mandatory liner?+
How is it being applied?+
Any copy changes?+

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Finishing Requirements

  • Is it die-cut or butt cut?
  • What’s the “finishing style?”
  • How do you want your finished copy positioned?
  • What’s the quantity per roll or stack?

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