Learn About Our Quality In-House Label Lab

Whitlam Group’s Quality Lab uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure conformance to requirements.

To provide effective solutions for custom-engineered labels used in challenging environments and applications, we have an extensively equipped, in-house label lab with a dedicated technical staff.

Our in-house label lab gives us the capabilities to test adhesives and coatings, prototypes, product analysis, and PPAP processes. To ensure that the label solutions, we create provide the performance you need.

Lab Report


  • Tests the ability of the label to resist varying degrees of abrasion and remain legible
  • Analyzes the durability of the printed ink system on various labels
  • Checks the durability of various varnishes and laminates applied to different labels

Barcode Scanner

  • Tests the quality and readability of printed barcodes
  • Verifies the printed barcodes are scanning properly
  • Assigns an ANSI grade based on the level of readability
  • Rejects barcodes that receive a grade of “C” or lower for most labels distributed

Color Matching

We use a color book to make sure we match the exact colors specified. The following book references spot colors:

  • Pantone Matching
  • Macbeth Light Booth
  • System (Color Match)

Peel Strength

  • Used to perform peel adhesion testing which shows the amount of force required to remove a label from a wide variety of surfaces
  • Perform 180° peel tests, loop tack peel tests, and tensile strength testing
  • Initial Tack

Thermal Cycle (Oven, Freezer, or Humidity)

  • Tests the ability of the label to stand up to various environmental conditions in a cyclical format
  • Performs heat aging tests at extreme temperatures
  • Reaches the maximum temperature of 1000° Celsius
  • Used for humidity and environmental testing

Heat Aging / Resistance Test

  • Tests the ability of the label to endure a period of time while subjected to high temperature
  • Performs heat aging tests at extreme temperatures

Fluid Immersion

  • Tests the ability of the label to resist the effects of a wide variety of chemicals

Adhesion Test

  • Tests the ink adhesion to any given label material

Additional Lab Testing

  • Salt Spray
  • Weatherometer
  • Xenon
  • Tensile Strength
  • QUV Exposure
  • Fadeometer
  • Fogging
  • Tear Strength

 In House Lab