Industrial Labels For Your Company

Quality Systems and compliance play a pivotal role in staying in front of the competition, engineered label failures are a thing of the past. Experience the Whitlam way right and on time.

Functional, instructional, and durable custom-engineered solutions that optimize label performance while ensuring compliance to industry requirements are of the utmost importance in the industrial industry.

Whitlam’s Quality Policy is conformance to requirements. Our expertise in understanding industry standards and requirements is what ensures our ability to meet your requirements. A few of these areas include:

  • UL / CSA approved products / constructions
  • BS5609 compliant
  • Regulatory Labeling Including PPAP, FAIR, GP12, and Safe Launch
  • Prop 65 Labels


Durable labels must outlast a variety of hostile environments, conditions, and temperatures.

With our in-house lab, we have the capability to test labels to ensure they are manufactured to last throughout the entirety of a product’s life cycle. Some of the durable label solutions we offer include:

  • High Adhesion Labels
  • Fade-Resistant Labels
  • Extreme Temperature-Resistant Labels
  • Chemical-Resistant & Solvent-Resistant Labels
  • Abrasion-Resistant & Tear-Resistant Labels
  • Moisture-Resistant Labels
  • Weather-Resistant Labels

Medical Labels

A wide range of functional adhesive materials is used in the medical industry. These materials must be durable, flexible, and safe to use in many different conditions. With our testing capabilities and wide range of material options, we can meet most of the medical and healthcare fields’ labeling requirements. We can also recommend security features to ensure the product is not counterfeit or tampered with.

Industrial Solutions

  • Drum Labels
  • Destructible / Tamper Evident Labels
  • Warning Labels & Tags
  • Extended Content & Booklet Labels
  • Channeled Adhesive: Solutions for Outgassing / Alternative to In-Mold Labeling
  • GHS Labeling
  • Faceplates and Rattle Control
  • Imprintable Labels
  • Sequential and Variable Numbering
  • Hang Tags
  • Security Labels
  • Hologram labels

Industrial Products Showcase

Cell Position Label

Variable information labels for identifying locations to track and trace inventory as well as work in process.

Yeti Steer

Labels designed to withstand their operating environment and ensure that brand marking remains intact.

Industrial showcase Fabricaide

Extended content label to provide necessary product information and instructions when the product is too small to hold all the information.

Fuse Location

Fuse location labels with intricate internal thru cut holes to allow the fuse to be inserted directly into the fuse box.