How will the label be applied to the packaging?

Determine whether the label is being machine applied, hand-applied, or customer imprinted

Machine Applied or Imprinted

  • Determine the width and length of the label on the roll
  • Are labels rewound outside or inside?
  • What is the core size? (3″ is our standard)
  • What is the maximum diameter size of a roll?
  • Are missing labels permitted?

Imprint Method

Thermal Transfer: Continuous roll or fan-fold

  • The most commonly used variable data printing process makes use of elements that are heated and cooled selectively. This is used for variable information printing of batch codes, date codes, sequential numbering text, diagrams, and bar codes.
  • Available in Black or Colors
  • Shelf life typically over 1 year
  • Can be used for High-Density barcodes (i.e. when space is limited)
  • Labels with special thermal transfer printing can be subjected to:
    • Heat
    • Sunlight
    • Abrasion

Direct Thermal: No ribbon with a heat-sensitive material

  • The main process used for adding additional information, such as product description and bar codes to food product labels
  • Available in black
  • Popular for the food industry (items are stored away from heat and sunlight with a shelf life of less than one year)

Laser: Toner, sheeted, or continuous fan-fold

  • A printing process that uses toner powder, high temperatures, and a photo conducive drum to create an image fused onto the face stock.

Ink Jet: Liquid ink, typically sheeted

  • There are two main types of inkjet printing devices: Continuous and drop-on-demand. Inkjet printing can be applied to virtually any surface. It offers a number of benefits for black and white, spot color, or full-color digital printing. In order to ensure optimum ink absorption and ink keying properties, film labels must be provided with a special inkjet coating. An essential requirement for printing bar codes is the absolute sharpness of the image.

Other: Ink pen, Marker, Ink stamp (Any finish form)

Imprinted labels