Promotions, Games, & Sweepstakes

Enhance your product to increase sales and online traffic with the help of our promotions and games!

Today’s corporate culture is saturated with a wide variety of marketing tools, many of which are more elaborate than ever. We have the ability to supplement your company’s strategies with extended content labels, instant redeemable coupons, interactive game pieces, and scratch-off labels. Use these strategies in a multitude of ways, including point of purchase, event marketing, on-pack promotions, mailings, and giveaways.

Whitlam Group is confident our promotional printing solutions can help push your company to the next level.

Why Businesses Use Promotional Solutions

68% of consumers would shop at a store offering rewards over ones that do not.
4 out of 5 people are more likely to engage with a brand that offers incentives.
75% of consumers like discounts and offers.
61% of consumers say the most important way a brand can interact with them is by surprising them with offers or gifts just for being a customer.
73% of consumers are more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programs.
71% of Gen X, 70% of Millennials, 63% of Baby Boomers, and 62% of Gen Z said a loyalty program influences their brand choices.

Statistics Source: Coupon Statistics: Is Couponing Growing or Slowing?