Harsh Environment Label Solutions

Harsh environment label solutions can endure extreme conditions, including those related to temperature, abrasion, humidity, chemical, and UV exposure.

These labels include identification, safety, and warning, or other types of labels you might find on a car battery, power tool, outdoor equipment, or a circuit board.

Harsh environment labels have their own specific requirements based on each customer. With our wide variety of materials and adhesives, we custom engineer each solution to provide long-lasting performance under the harshest of conditions.

High-Temperature Resistant Labeling

Custom engineered heat-resistant labels that withstand elevated and high temperatures without undergoing any physical or chemical changes.

Chemical Resistant Labeling Solutions

Custom engineered chemical-resistant labels are able to withstand moisture, solvents, and a variety of household cleaners.

Paint Mask Labeling Solutions

The perfect solution for a label with essential information that needs to withstand a production process. High-performance substrates are constructed to resist environmental conditions which could include pressure washing, exposure to various chemicals, heat, paint baths, or other harsh environmental conditions. These high-performance substrates can be removed once the production process is complete.

Direct Thermal Transfer Labels

Direct Thermal Transfer is more sensitive to light, heat, and abrasion. It’s ideal for indoor applications where temperatures will not exceed high levels.

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal transfer uses a heated ribbon to produce durable, long-lasting images on a wide variety of materials.

Additional Solutions