Engage Consumers with Games and Sweepstakes

Build brand loyalty with games and sweepstakes programs, and consumers will keep coming back while bringing you immediate and measurable ROI.

Whitlam Group can engineer the perfect game or sweepstakes piece to meet your needs. Whether you want personalization for one-to-one marketing or security features to safeguard your product, we will provide you with high-impact pieces to give you astonishing results.

Whether it’s an instant win, QR codes, or collect-and-win games, Whitlam Group provides a way for you to reach your consumers through your company’s games and sweepstakes.

Scratch Game

Games & Sweepstakes Product Options

  • Peel & Reveal
  • Scratch-Offs
  • Pull & Win
  • On Cup
  • Variable Images/Codes
  • QR Codes

Scratch Game