Learn About Our Label Materials

We are capable of printing on a variety of materials including films, paper, tear-resistant, dimensionally stable non-woven textiles, high tactile, wood veneer, and foams.

Let us help you find the right label material to meet your product’s requirements. Whether it’s outdoor exposure, high temperature, or even chemical resistance, let our experts help choose what’s right for your specific application.

Materials, inks, & Coatings


A natural product made from wood or pulp. All papers used in the printing industry are measured by basis weight & grade.


A synthetic or plastic type of material.


A thin layer of aluminum or alloys, available as a cold or hot foil. Learn more about these options.


Typically a paper that is a thicker stock.


A paper or film top layer with a flexible magnet as the bottom layer.

Static Cling

Vinyl face stock, no pressure-sensitive adhesive, but with liner.


Typically a paper that is a thicker stock.


Micro embossed metalized film.

FDA Approved

Paper or film, direct or indirect food contact.

UL/CSA Approved

Various material constructions to meet certain UL/CSA Standards.

Metalized Film

A plastic or resinous film that has been coated on one side with a very thin layer of metal. This is usually a vacuum metalized processed film.

Label Inks & Coatings

We have dedicated technology experts that will find a solution for your specific application. With over 700 base colors and coatings, a very high number of combinations can be produced, with the ability to print with visual or tactile effects.

We are committed to maintaining high production standards from our ink to our color management systems. We can custom mix our inks to match any color your product requires using our ink mixing system.

  • Specialty Inks
  • Low Odor
  • FDA Approved
  • Scratch ‘N Sniff
  • Metallic
  • Fluorescent
  • Scratch-Off
  • Thermo-Chromatic (Temperature Indicating)
  • Scented
  • UV
  • Water-Based
  • Soft-Touch
  • Glow In the Dark
  • And much more


From over 100 different adhesives made from a rubber, acrylate, or silicone base, the optimal material is selected depending on the requirement. Transfer adhesives and one- or two-sided adhesive materials with paper, films, metal, or foam backings are possible.