Whitlam Group produces many different custom labels based on the individual needs and requirements of our clients

We offer a wide variety of materials and can design and produce labels in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Based on the application desired, Whitlam Group can determine the best label solution for your specific needs.

Here are some custom solutions we have provided to our customers:

paint touch up pens

Automotive touch-up paint pens +

Medical Bracelets

Medical bracelets and labels +

Apple Blossom Perfume

Pull tab and sniff scent +

Evidence bag

Evidence bag seal +

Construction roofing Assembly

Construction roofing assembly +

Hand or Machine Applied Labels Go on Smoothly and Stay That Way

Channeled or egress adhesive labels have unique microchannels within the adhesive which allow air bubbles that are trapped underneath decals to flow out freely from between the adhesive and the substrate.

Keep the bubbles where they belong and NOT under your important graphics! With the use of a channeled adhesive, our product has a means for trapped air to escape, not only during application but also when air bubbles develop from out-gassing plastics! Coated with a high-performance aggressive solvent acrylic adhesive, these label products provide the durability needed to keep the label in place even in harsh environments.

Adhesive diagram