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Tags can be used to display ingredients, prices, brand names, and a variety of other vital information in a consumer setting. They are even more useful on irregular objects that would otherwise be difficult to add this type of info to.

tag labels

Custom Tags

We design and engineer custom-designed product identification tags for specialty apparel, gourmet food, lawn & garden products, industrial equipment & power tools, and many other markets.


Hang Tags

We also design all variations of the paperboard or plastic swinging tags. These hang tags provide brand identity, eye-catching point-of-sales tickets, pricing information, and/or barcode details.


Permits and Passes

Our custom-designed and branded permits & passes are created to meet your specific needs. Permit and Pass solutions include park passes, event passes, government tickets/passes, and many more.


Warning Tags

This type of tag is typically sized larger than the normal retail tag as they contain important information to make the consumer or end-user aware of the dangers of the product.


Specialty Medical Tags

Custom-designed medical identification tags are designed for first responders to quickly identify, record, and track the injured at the scene of an emergency, COVID-19 screening identification, and much more.