Consumer Goods Labels

Luxury isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days when owning luxurious products were for the elite, only now they can be found everywhere. From technology to food to clothing to health and beauty products, luxury consumer goods are more available than ever. And creating labels for these luxurious brands and products is one of Whitlam Group’s specialties.
Creating high-quality Consumer Goods Labels is something Whitlam takes pride in, but we don’t just offer run-of-the-mill labeling.
Consumers often look for luxury in their products, especially health and beauty products, and those products’ labels are often what sets them apart from their competition. If one product appears more luxurious than another, the consumer will likely choose the more luxurious-looking one (provided they’re around the same retail price).

Whitlam’s labels for Platinum Skin Care products

A great example of what Whitlam is capable of is Platinum Skin Care. A Platinum Skin Care product, Gaba Super Antioxidant Cream, was featured on The Dr. Oz Show as a Botox alternative. The cream is designed to help smooth out wrinkles to give the look of younger looking skin. This product’s labeling is a clear example of what Whitlam Group can do for your company and brand. The Platinum Skin Care line’s labels are sleek, clean, informative, and luxurious.

It can be seen with Platinum Skin Care products how a luxury label can set a product apart from the competition.
A recent article in Brand Packaging, “Rethinking the meaning of luxury,” discusses the changes in the idea of what luxury means for consumers. In it, Tim Stock and Marie Lena Tupot write, “For certain, we still desire luxury — just not as its former self. Though, we can’t seem to gain a contemporary consensus of its new meaning. Maybe that’s because there is no longer one definition of luxury.”
This is where we come in. Stock and Tupot state that there is no general consensus of what luxury means to consumers today, meaning the idea of luxury is becoming more liquid. This liquidity gives companies more opportunities to do new and unique things with their Consumer Goods labels. Platinum Skin Care products are just one example of Whitlam Group’s ability to give your brand the visual edge to stand above the competition. But we don’t just offer luxury health and beauty labels. We also offer labels for food and beverages as well as consumer electronics and appliances as well.
We would love to discuss our Consumer Goods labels with you and see what we can do to help your company’s brands and products. Contact Us! We want to hear from you.

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