Prime Labels

Whitlam Group offers a wide variety of labeling and packaging options, but one of our most diverse types of labels are our prime labels.

Simply put, prime labels are the labels that consumers see first on a product. These labels are extremely important for you and your company because if you don’t have a label that catches their eye, they might go on to the next product. They’re identification labels. Whitlam offers these labels for many different industries including automotive, food and beverage, health and beauty, and other consumer goods.

Having top-of-the-line packaging and label designs are crucial to attracting new customers and keeping them informed. That is what we do at Whitlam Group. Our prime labels are the best in the industry and because of their versatility, it makes them an indispensable asset for your company. Here are some examples of the types of prime labels we manufacture.

Most people don’t purchase a new car based on the sun visor label, but this label–and others like it–are crucial for customers. These labels are designed to be simple and informative so car owners understand their purpose. Air bag labels are one of the many automotive labels we design and they are essential to the safety of drivers. The information contained on these labels display how an airbag is deployed and that drivers should never have a young child in the front seat, especially in a car seat. We also manufacture the gas cap label, which gives specific warnings about how to use it properly.

Food and beverage, health and beauty, and consumer goods labels, on the other hand, are specifically designed to not only attract the attention of consumers, but to inform them as well. These labels often display a variety of information such as ingredients, product directions/instructions, nutritional information, etc. But the most important kind of prime label for these industries is the identification label because it’s the products’ primary label. This label, often found on the front of a product, is responsible for portraying a large amount of information in a fixed-amount of space. Our company prides itself on creating the best identification labels in the business.
If you want your company’s product to stand out from its competitors, choosing Whitlam Group’s prime labels is the right choice for you. We would love to discuss how we can help improve your products’ design and eye-catching ability, so please contact us for more information.