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QR Codes are Getting Competition from NFC Tags

QR Codes are getting more competition these days from NFC tags. NFC tags, while more expensive to create than QR Codes, are making a play for more customer engagement. But the effectiveness of QR Codes cannot be understated.

Our Prime Labels Give Your Product an Edge on the Competition

Prime Labels Whitlam Group offers a wide variety of labeling and packaging options, but one of our most diverse types of labels are our prime labels. Simply put, prime labels are the labels that consumers see first on a product. These labels are extremely important for you and your company because if you don’t have a …

Whitlam's Security Labels Can Help Stop Counterfeiting

Whitlam Group’s security labels are an effective way of protecting your company, brand, and products from the multi-billion dollar counterfeiting industry. It’s important to protect consumers, retailers, and manufacturers from those creating illegitimate goods.

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