TLMI’s Executing Leadership Conference

Members of the Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI) convened at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix, AZ this week for the 2012 TLMI Converter Meeting. This year, the meeting’s theme is “Executing Leadership: Know the Way, Show the Way.” Attendees heard from a wide array of presenters who shared leadership strategies for them to apply to their label businesses.
The meeting, which began Monday, March 5, was designed to give TLMI members insight on better leadership techniques and how those techniques will not only benefit them, but their companies as well. The first presentation given was by Alan Beaulieu, a senior analyst, economist and principal with the Institute for Trend Research. Beaulieu said that while the economy is predicted to slow down a bit in 2014, people should not worry in the short term.
“The employment trend is rising at a normal pace, it’s a good trend, a healthy trend. There is an 82.5 percent chance the stock market will rise 6.5 percent in 2012,” he said. Beaulieu added that the areas which are expected to see the most growth are alcohol, Canadian exports, energy, environmental sustainability, food, funerals, healthcare, higher education, legal services and water.
Of that list, environmental sustainability rings loudly with Whitlam Group. Whitlam just formed a partnership with Ecology Coatings, Inc. to develop a sustainable labels program that will help replace the conventional plastic laminate films widely used in today’s label industry.
Whitlam COO Alex Elezaj, who attended the 2012 TLMI Converter Meeting with Whitlam President Richard Shaieb, said, “Whitlam attracts top brand companies because we continually strive to develop innovative label applications … Our customers are seeking sustainable, high performance labels consistent with their brand positioning.”
The Converter Meeting didn’t just cover the economy, though. Kraig Kramer, president and CEO of Corporate Partners, Inc., presented “CEO Tools for Every Manager.” In his presentation, Kramer explained his seven-step process for management.

  1. Set meaningful goals
  2. Communicate and build trust
  3. Track progress publicly
  4. Plan and anticipate the future
  5. Hire winners and put people in their best jobs
  6. Organize self and other to do the job
  7. Celebrate success

In line with his idea, Bob Prosen, president and CEO of The Prosen Center for Business Advancement, discussed accountability and measurement when it came to achieving your company’s necessary goals. He said, “When you lower your expectations enough, you’ll achieve them. Create an accountabilty-based culture. Focus on results, not activities.”
Leadership is crucial to the success of any endeavor, whether it be a sports team, your children’s lemonade stand or the development of sustainable labels. And this is something Whitlam Group takes to heart. If you have any questions about how Whitlam Group can help your business through our innovative and effective labeling solutions, contact us today!