Harsh Environment Labels

Are you looking for a label that can withstand nearly any condition? Then you’re in the right place. One of Whitlam Group’s specialties is the creation and manufacturing of harsh environment labels.
These labels are used in a variety of capacities as well as a wide range of industries. They’re designed to be weather-resistant, tear-resistant, puncture-resistant or suitable for other harsh environments, like extreme weather conditions in hot and cold climates. These labels can also be applied to an array of materials, ranging from painted metal (like automobile engine components) and plastics as well as PP, PE, Regrind and Mold Release Agents.

Automotive Harsh Environment Labels

We can create harsh environment labels for many different kinds of conditions ranging from high-temperature and UV exposure to chemical exposure. One of the industries that benefits most from these labels is the automotive industry. The reason being is that labels on many automobile parts are often exposed to intense elements like heat; chemicals like brake fluid, gasoline, water, grease; and natural wear and tear from repeated use.
These labels are very effective for labeling engine parts because the labels can resist the conditions an operating automobile engine creates. One of the most redeeming qualities of these labels is that they’re long-lasting. Being designed for harsh conditions would be pointless if they wore out in a short period of time. But Whitlam’s harsh environment labels have stood the test of both time and wear-and-tear and will make your investment a worthwhile one. These labels are especially important in this industry since they can prevent maintenance mistakes by having engine components clearly and effectively labeled, preventing the use of the wrong part. That alone makes these automotive labels worth their weight in gold.
The automotive industry isn’t the only industry that Whitlam’s harsh environment labels are used, though. They’re also utilized on aerospace, motorsports and lawn & garden equipment as well as power tools and other heavy-duty equipment. An additional advantage of these labels is that they can be combined with many of our other services, such as barcode and variable  labeling, warning and permit labels, extended text and booklet labels, and direct thermal transfer labels. This variety of uses makes our harsh environment labels extremely useful in a wide range of industries.
Does your company require labels that will not only stand the test of time, but also withstand harsh conditions? Contact Whitlam Group to learn how the use of harsh environment labels can help your business today!