High-Quality Automotive Labels

There’s a lot to know when it comes to automobiles; what the vehicle identification number (VIN) is, how to use the child safety locks and more. Most of this information can be found on automotive labels, labels that Whitlam Group produces.
Whitlam produces high-quality automotive labels. From warning and informational labels to labels explaining the functions of different components within the vehicle, Whitlam offers all of the above and more. But why are these labels so important?

Whitlam Group’s Air bag Warning Label

First and foremost, drivers of all kinds should know how to properly operate all functions of their vehicle. One of the labels Whitlam creates is an air bag warning label. This label explains what to expect if an airbag is deployed, but also explicitly states that children under a certain age should not be seated in the front seat due to potential dangerous impact with an air bag. These labels are not only important for the adult’s safety, but their children’s safety as well.
Another label Whitlam manufactures that is of paramount importance is the VIN label. The VIN label is a label that is usually placed on the engine or on the windshield and contains a barcode and number that are unique to that specific vehicle. This label is not only important for basic vehicle identification, but also often used by police to identify stolen vehicles. These labels are what distinguish one green Jeep Cherokee from another green Jeep Cherokee.
These labels are only a few examples of the types of automotive labels Whitlam manufactures. We also create exterior, aftermarket and underhood labels. Whitlam’s labels are reliable and long-lasting. When we create an automotive label, especially one that is an underhood label, we want to make sure it stays there. Our labels are so important because they will display their much-needed information for years to come.
Whitlam Group’s Engine Label

Reliability is one of the most important factors when consumers are choosing to purchase an automobile, and it should be the same when choosing the right label manufacturer. Consumer Reports’ latest study discovered that three Chrysler Group brands moved up in the rankings of the most reliable vehicle brands. Jeep moved up seven spots to No. 13 on the list, Chrysler moved up 12 spots, and Dodge rose three spots to No. 21 in the standings.
Producing high-quality products was why Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep were able to rise up the reliability standings. And that’s what Whitlam Group does–produce high-quality automotive labels. Our labels are the best in the industry and can be customized to fit any of your company’s automotive needs.
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