Finishing Format Styles

There are generally 2 types of finishing styles, Die Cut or Butt Cut.

Die-Cut Labels: Labels that have a gap or space (typically 1/16″ or 1/8″). There are many die shapes available including square corner, round corner, circle, rectangle, and other special shapes.


Butt Cut labels: Labels separated by a single cross-directional cut to the liner. No matrix area exists between labels. Butt cut labels are not recommended for automatic dispensing.

Butt Cut Labels


Finishing Formats for Labels

There are generally 3 types of finishing formats: Roll form, Sheeted, or Fan-Folded.

Roll Form: Labels finished spooled or wound on a core.


Sheeted: These are individual single sheet labels that may contain a back or top score.


Fan- Folded: Die-cut labels with a perforation across the liner are folded back and forth along the perforations creating a stack of labels.

Rewind Position

After completion of printing and die-cutting, the converted label roll is taken from the press to the rewind department to be finished.

rolling label

*Position is determined by label processing equipment requirements.