Barcode Labels

There are countless types of labels used in the manufacturing and food industries, but one of the most important kinds is the barcode. Barcodes can serve many different functions, and Whitlam Group offers top-of-the-line barcode labeling.
Barcode labels are everywhere and on almost every product. Whether it’s for pricing, tracking, or identification–they are one of the most common types of labels. And Whitlam knows there are several ways you can use barcodes to enhance your business’s productivity.
First and foremost, one of the best ways to keep your business productive and efficient is by keeping track of your business’s inventory. Keeping track of inventory is essential to both the short-term and long-term success of your company, and Whitlam has the solution for you. Adding barcode labels to your inventory and using an inventory-tracking system can greatly increase productivity. All you will have to do is scan a product in and out of the inventory to keep everything in place. This not only makes the process of inventory tracking a lot easier, but it’s also more efficient, which will save your company time and money.

Similar to inventory tracking, another way to increase productivity is to track all your company’s assets. Items like computers, monitors, fax machines, etc. are crucial to your business’s success and it’s important to know where those are at all times. Assets can sometimes get lost or misplaced in an office move or relocation, but if you use a system that monitors their whereabouts, it will keep internal asset organization all the more easy.
But tracking isn’t the only way to utilize barcode labels for your company. Another great way to use barcodes is to print them on coupons. Printing barcode labels on coupons can ensure that each coupon is only being used as it’s supposed to be. Once scanned, the coupon will not be able to be used again, making it less likely that someone will copy or counterfeit a coupon.
Also, barcodes can be used to manage the pricing and identification of your company’s products. These labels not only ensure the correct price of your product, but also that the product is properly identified at the point of sale.
Barcode labels are very simple labels, but their importance should not go unnoticed. We would love to discuss how barcodes can help your business take another step toward ultimate efficiency. Contact Us to learn more about how using barcode labels can benefit your company!