Health and Beauty Labels

The Health and Beauty industry is one of the biggest in the United States and with so much competition it’s important to take advantage of the services Whitlam Group offers with regard to Health and Beauty labels and packaging.
Healthcare Global is reporting that one Fortune 500 company sold $82 billion in Health and Beauty products in 2010, illustrating how large the industry really is. It’s more important than ever that your company’s brand sticks out as unique to potential consumers.
With competition as still as intense as ever within the Health and Beauty industry, consumers are constantly reevaluating which Health or Beauty product best fits their personal needs. Why not make the choice a little easier for them by creating the most attractive and informative Health and Beauty labels and packaging scheme you can? At Whitlam Group, we offer a wide array of options to fit your company and your brand.

Health and Beauty Packaging From Whitlam Group

One of the benefits of Health and Beauty labeling is that the products come in a variety of packaging, all of which Whitlam can label. We offer flexible packing and labeling that allows us to design, print and apply labels to many different kinds of packaging. For example, we can create single-use packages for water-enhancers or labels for a bottle of lotion. The options are endless!
Also, one of the most important aspects of the Health and Beauty industry are the labels containing a product’s ingredients and instructions for use. These are essential for your company’s brand to have sustainable long-term success. If your consumers cannot understand how to use or apply your product, they won’t return. It’s of paramount importance to not only have products that stick out from their competition’s, but also that they’re as informative as possible.
Speaking of the importance of having products stand out from their competition’s, Whitlam Group offers product prototypes for market testing. That way, if a design isn’t as attractive as originally thought, we can improve it to increase your brand’s sales. We will do everything we can to ensure that your Health and Beauty product looks as good as it possibly can so you can reach your consumers with greater ease.
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