Food and Beverage Labels

Whitlam Group is an industry leader in the production of consumer goods labels, specifically food and beverage labels. Industry standards and regulations require certain information to be included on all packaging labels. This includes nutrition information, a list of ingredients, and allergy warnings, as well as other information. And while consumers are used to this, it can still be overwhelming.
In a recent report, the Institute of Medicine suggests a simple solution: to print a label on the front of all foods and beverages that displays two things; the calorie count per serving and how healthy the product is. This type of label would simplify a consumer’s shopping experience by explicitly showing how healthy the product really is. The report also suggests that these types of labels will help consumers make healthier choices when shopping by being able to compare products right from the shelf.

Whitlam’s label for Greenfield Village Steam Station Beer

It’s important that your product’s labels are both eye-catching and informative when marketing to that specific industry. Consumers are becoming more health-conscious and keeping up with their latest wants and needs are just as important as keeping up with any new regulations.
Some of the services Whitlam offers for food and beverages include creating labels for glass bottles, like Greenfield Village Steam Station Beer (pictured at right). This label is a prime example of our capabilities because we constructed an all-in-one neck wrap and tamper evident seal, made with foil material, to give it a metallic effect. We designed the Greenfield Village Steam Station Beer label this way because we wanted it to encompass both the tamper evident seal and the neck wrap, but this is only one example of what Whitlam can do for your product.
Whitlam has many different ways of producing food and beverage labels such as using flexible packaging & printing and prime labels & tags. We can meet any and all of your printing needs which makes us the best choice for your company.
Contact us if you have any questions regarding how Whitlam Group can design the best labels in the industry for your company!