When considering how to best protect your brand’s product, one of the best ways to do so is by utilizing Whitlam Group’s security labels. We understand that in this day and age, it’s as important as ever to make every precaution to protect your products and security labels offer a specialized way to protect your brand.  Most folks only tend to think of theft or tampering when considering protection, but those aren’t the only areas companies should consider when investing in security labels. Counterfeiting and forging is also a problem.  One of the best ways for a company to protect its product is to utilize a combination of different security label techniques. The options available from Whitlam Group are to use overt or covert technology, tamper indicating technology or track and trace technology. By using a combination of these technologies, companies are surely going to have the best chance to protect their product.

Overt technology is one of the most basic techniques and is visible to the naked eye. This includes such things as barcodes, watermarks, holograms, etc.  Going a step further takes us to Covert technology. What covert technology does is add extra security measures that are not visible to the naked eye, making them very effective. Some ways covert technology is utilized is through the use nanoencryption and specialty inks that determine if a product has been tampered with. It also helps prevent counterfeiting because it cannot be replicated and therefore is unique only to that one specific product.
Ensuring a product’s safety is extremely important because it also ensures the safety of the customer, especially with certain foods and medications.  This is why tamper indicating technology is another extremely useful way to prevent product tampering. Whitlam Group offers seals that are designed to visibly indicate if a product has been compromised or prevent from being tampered with.   Finally, probably one of the best ways to label a product is to use our track and trace technology, which can utilize both overtly or covertly.  These consist of unique markers that can be scanned anywhere at any time where the information can be uploaded directly to a data management system. Once there, the company can track and authenticate their product at any point from the warehouse to the retail shelf.
Getting the upper hand in security is a must for any company that’s concerned about its products’ safety and integrity. With Whitlam Group’s advanced and unique security label techniques, we’ll work with you to ensure your products can be as safe as possible.