A Primer on GHS Compliant Labels

Seven Elements of a Standard GHS Label In our last blog post, we gave an overview of the Global Harmony System (GHS), a universal system for classifying, categorizing, and labeling hazardous chemicals. We also discussed how and when chemical users and producers should make the transition to GHS. This week we’ll be talking in detail …

The Globally Harmonized System and When to Implement It

In a matter of months, companies that use, manufacture, or distribute hazardous chemicals are expected to have trained employees on the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) that provides universal criteria for classifying and labeling hazardous chemicals.

Finding and Retaining Top Talent

Whitlam COO Alex Elezaj moderated and participated in a panel at this year’s Tag and Label Manufacturing Institute (TLMI) Technical Conference. The panel focused on creating great businesses and finding and retaining talented employees. In this blog post, we’ll give a recap of the most important issues the panel touched upon.

The Background of GHS: Why the Need

Global Harmonized System (GHS) Why the need? The UN came together, realizing there was a global need to harmonize the communication of hazardous chemicals. Each country had some system, however with each looking and saying very different information, it was not easy to understand. The matters are complicated with many chemical manufacturers shipping product into …

TLMI 2013 Technical Conference

TLMI Technical Conference September 4-5 2013 – Whitlam Group had a strong presence at this years’ 2013 TLMI (Tag and Label Manufacturing Institution) Technical Conference held September 4-5 in Chicago.  This years Technical Conference brought in more than 350 attendees where over the course of two days more than 70 presenters, session chairs and panelists …

Whitlam Wins World Label Award for Innovation

Whitlam Group’s Evidence Bag label has won the first place prize in the World Label Awards’ Class 22 Innovator category. It also won an TLMI award.

Whitlam Now Offers FLEXcon Recycled Liners

Whitlam Group has partnered with FLEXcon to create the new Sustainable Ultra Thin Material product line, which is 30% post-consumer waste.

Whitlam Wins at TLMI Annual Conference

Whitlam Group won two first place awards at the Tab & Label Manufacturers Association 2012 Annual Conference in the North American, Flexography Line/Non-Prime and EDP label EDP Label categories.

Whitlam Group Selects EFI Radius Software

Whitlam Group has chosen to upgrade its software to the new EFI Radius system. Previously, we used the EFI PSI system, but it was no longer meeting our company’s needs.

New Flexographic Technology Allows For HD Printing

The label making industry is constantly changing, and with that change, comes HD flexographic printing. It now allows high-definition images to be printed using flexo printing processes.