Whitlam Group is proud to partner with Mitch Albom and the Detroit Water Ice Factory

Detroit Water Ice

Earlier this year, we met with Mitch Albom and the Detroit Water Ice Factory team to discuss how we could partner with this innovative, community-based charity that operates as a 100% dollar-in-dollar out, organization. 

Created in 2015 by journalist, radio personality and best-selling author Mitch Albom, The Detroit Water Ice Factory follows the “Newman’s Own” model of philanthropy with a mission to offer delicious, top-of-the-line food products with the sole goal of raising funds to help others in the community.

As Mitch puts it, “We are here to create jobs, raise funds, do good – and eat ourselves silly with the coolest dessert ever.”

Knowing that all of the profits from the sale of Detroit Water Ice Factory products go to Detroit’s neediest made it easy for us at Whitlam to decide to partner with them by donating out time and top-quality printed labels.

It’s wonderful knowing that the plans we laid out together during our initial meeting have become reality! It’s also great seeing our labels on their line of gourmet popcorn products. The response we have received from our partners at the Detroit Water Ice Factory has been terrific:


Thank you for all you are doing on our behalf. We are equally proud to have you as a partner and the collaboration feels like an old baseball glove (that’s good I think!)

I’m sure the next popcorn label order is right around the corner. I have looped in our social media/marketing folks to get you photos as well as any related stories.

Thanks again Chris and please extend our sincere appreciation to your entire team.

Marc R.

You can find all the flavors of their popcorn in Plum Market grocery stores, Detroit Metro Airport stores, and at their Detroit Water Ice Factory store in Downtown Detroit and Bloomfield Hills. I encourage everyone to pay them a visit, enjoy some delicious treats, and help the community. It’s a great way to beat the heat for the upcoming holiday! 

Learn more about Detroit Water Ice Factory.