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Pockets Full of Sunshine is a non-profit organization located in South Carolina, whose mission is to make Beaufort County a sunnier place by employing intellectually and physically disabled adults.
For several years, Whitlam Group has been printing a yellow harsh environment engine label. Until recently, the centerpiece of this label, which is removed to facilitate placing the label over an engine cap, was part of our waste stream. Since these leftover pieces could not be recycled, and Whitlam Group is a zero-landfill facility, we had been incinerating them for fuel.
Pockets Full of Sunshine and Engine Part
Dayna and Laurin, the founders of Pockets Full of Sunshine, met at work and bonded over their mutual love and concern for the future of the special needs students they shared at school. Since they knew employment options were extremely limited, they wanted to help create opportunities for their students, but weren’t sure where to begin. That is, until Dayna drew inspiration from our extra material, and arranged for the “sunshines” to be recycled and re-purposed.
Pockets Full of Sunshine creates functional items crafted and packaged by a group of local adults with disabilities. They craft greeting cards, gift tags, magnets, and stationery. Proceeds from the sale of these products support their employment and social enrichment.
Through their exceptionally abled staff, children and adults in the community will learn about inclusion, equality, and kindness to all people, regardless of intellectual or ability differences. They might only be a small organization at the moment, but they are impacting families and changing their community as a whole. Currently, Pockets Full of Sunshine has 5 adults with disabilities working with them, and look forward to the opportunity to helping many more.
If you are interested in purchasing Sunshine products, or finding out how you can help spread the sun, please visit their website: Pockets Full of Sunshine.

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Posted by Karla Chaucer in Chattanooga TN

What a wonderful way to recycle and enhance to lives of special need individuals. Most every family has a current or distant special needs member and we can all appreciate your willingness to promote and recognize such a deserving nonprofit group. Kudos to Dayna and Laurin in SC!

Posted on March 16, 2016 at 5:30 PM

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