STA User Guide: TTP Overlaminates

Guidelines for Thermal Transfer The following is an excerpt from the STA Thermal Transfer Printable Overlaminates User Guide: GENERAL Thermal transfer printing (TTP) is dictated by print speed and print darkness. Print darkness tells the printhead how much heat to use to burn the dot onto the surface. Print speed is self-explanatory and usually measured in …

New Flexographic Technology Allows For HD Printing

The label making industry is constantly changing, and with that change, comes HD flexographic printing. It now allows high-definition images to be printed using flexo printing processes.

New Ink Technologies Make Industry More Efficient, Sustainable

New and sustainable ink and printing technologies are two of the primary reasons the label making industry stays ahead of the game in sustainability.

Thermal Transfer vs. Direct Thermal Printing

Knowing the difference between thermal transfer printing and direct thermal printing is crucial when deciding the best method to print your labels. Let Whitlam Group help you decide which form of thermal printing is best for your labels.

Printed Electronics Expanding into More Markets

The user of printed electronics is spreading from just a few industries to more and more as time goes on. From smartphones to electric cars, printed electronics are being used in more everyday products.

Why are QR Codes Important?

QR Codes are becoming more important and Whitlam Group knows how they can help your company grow its business. Some of the ways QR Codes can help your business include connecting your physical product with your company’s online presence,extra product information, and more!

Print-On-Demand Adds Value with Low-Cost

Print-On-Demand services allow companies to print labels quickly and efficiently and at a low cost. They offer in-house customizable printing , ensuring companies print exactly what they need when they need it.

What is Variable Data Printing?

By now you may have heard the term variable data printing, or variable information printing. But what are they? In this article we cover what variable data printing is and some common types of variable information printing that could help your organization including barcodes, consecutive numbering, variable image printing and QR codes.

The Impact of Holograms

Hologram Labeling and Packaging Technology Whitlam Group is back to inform all of our friends about the endless opportunities you can create with hologram labeling and packaging technology. Think about it really quick.  When you go to the store do the shiny flashy boxes spark your interest, over the bland and regular packages? Of course …

Remoisturizers Solve Numerous Problems

Many experts are starting to speak out about their love for steam re-moisturization when dealing with the numerous problems with paper substrates. Improving substrates is often overlooked, but it’s always a great idea to learn a better way to count paper-label stock to avoid substrate curls. Whitlam Group specializes in various printing capabilities, but we …