Hologram Labeling and Packaging Technology

Whitlam Group is back to inform all of our friends about the endless opportunities you can create with hologram labeling and packaging technology. Think about it really quick.  When you go to the store do the shiny flashy boxes spark your interest, over the bland and regular packages? Of course they do, it’s only human nature for your eye to catch appealing images.  Many organizations are starting to notice this and they are adding holographic technology to their packages to stand-out against their competition. Below we’re going to discuss a couple examples of organizations which have adopted this technology.
Hasbro Games uses “HoloPRISM” technology to add holographic appeal to many of their board games. Below is an example of this technology printed on a game of Monopoly: The Disney Edition.

Probably one of the most recognizable examples of this technology being used is Colgate’s toothpaste packaging. Colgate uses “Palmolive/Holographic Foil” to provide the shimmer that is on so many of Colgate’s packages. Colgate started doing this because they believe that consumers think that packages with high quality packages must have high quality products.
These are just a couple examples of holographic technology being used by major brands. The main purpose of this technology is to catch the eye of the consumer walking through a store. The mantra of this technology is that if it is prettier than the box it’s next to, then it’s probably a better product.
What do you think? Do you think you need to invest a great deal of money into holographic printing technologies? Or do you believe it all depends on the product and message you’re trying to get across to your audience? Leave us some comments below so we can find out what type of trends to look out for in the future.