Do you have a last-minute shipment but no time to order and wait for labels? If so, Whitlam Group has what you need: Print-On-Demand.
We understand that there are going to be situations where you can’t order your labels directly from us, but our Print-On-Demand packages give you flexibility when it comes to fast and efficient printing. Print-On-Demand is a system that allows your company to print a variety of different labels on the fly. From shipping labels to product identification, a Print-On-Demand system allows you to do it all.
We offer two Print-On-Demand packages. The first is the purchase of a TSC printer and the appropriate software. Purchasing this Print-On-Demand system includes the TSC printer, software, needed cables, two label templates, one roll of thermal transfer ribbon, material, and standard 4 x 2 blank labels each. A one-year warranty may be purchased as well. The TSC printer package allows for a variety of printing abilities including product identification, service parts, shipping labels, AIAG labels, and barcode labels. The TSC printer package has all your basic Print-On-Demand needs covered.

The second Print-On-Demand package Whitlam Group offers is the Color Digital Print Solutions. This package includes a VIP printer + associated software, labels/rolls, label template designs, ink cartridges (four CMYK) and unwind/rewind capabilities on printer.
Whitlam Group’s VIP Printers are customizable, so they can fit nearly any of your needs. They allow you to print color labels in-house right when you need them, with the precise amount desired. Whether you are looking to print more shipping labels, SKU’s, bar codes, etc … our Print-On-Demand packages are what you need.
Both of these packages offer distinct benefits such as eliminating the cost of rush charges and shipping costs for expedited orders, process improvement, and the ability to Print-On-Demand! They also give you the ability to have customized labeling and promotional messages, product identification using pictures, and the ability to locate size using color and printers on shelf labels right at your finger tips.
We at Whitlam Group would like to discuss our Print-On-Demand packages with you about how they can help your business and make your in-house printing that much easier. Please contact us with any other questions you may have.