Many experts are starting to speak out about their love for steam remoisturization when dealing with the numerous problems with paper substrates. Many times the idea of improving substrates is overlooked, but it’s always a great idea to learn a better way to count paper label stock to avoid substrate curls in the process.  Whitlam Group specializes in a various amount of printing capabilities, but today we want to inform our friends about important information regarding steam remoisturization.
In today’s market, the consumer wants their look to be simple and have the “lay flat” look. Unfortunately, curls during the printing process can result in poor labels, jammed equipment and the ability to slow the entire printing process of a label.
While there are numerous ways to solve the problems of curled labels, today we’re going to focus on the most common solution…remoisiturization.
Below are a few guidelines to follow if you are ready to purchase a steam applicator:

  • The remoisturizer should not allow steam to seep out in any way to the atmosphere.  You can avoid this problem of water dripping by using an enclosed and steamed applicator.  This will safely reduce the escape of steam and there is also a heated exterior shell to prevent condensation.


  • The remoisturizer must provide the necessary amount of moisture for the various types of coating, the machine’s speeds and paper basis weights. Suppliers will have the responsibility of showing how they were able to meet intended levels.


  • The remoisturizer needs to be fabricated by the best materials possible to guarantee maximum preservation and uptime. Steam valves must also be robust enough to make it through long years without ever being replaced.


  • You should make sure to install an automatic control system into the remoisturizer itself.