The Importance of QR Codes 

In July, we explained what Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are. But why do we at Whitlam Group continue to believe they are still so important?
One of the ways companies are using QR Codes is to direct customers to the Web since these types of labels can contain an abundant source of information. For example, they can contain product information, user manuals, or even be used for contests. This helps make online marketing as important as ever and the use of Whitlam’s QR Codes can help your company reach the next level. Using these labels will not only give you the edge over your competition, but also help bridge the gap between your  company’s online community and its physical product.
They are also growing in popularity. According to Mobio Identity Systems, QR Code scanning grew by 1,200 percent in 2010 alone, which is why they are appearing in even more places in 2011. They can be seen on posters, sports game programs, music packaging, and even on fast food packaging.

Quick Response Codes are still relatively new technology, but as Mobio Identity Systems’ statistic shows, it hasn’t stopped them from becoming increasingly popular. And part of what makes them so effective is the ability to link the Web to your company’s product, while keeping your customers engaged. This engagement pays off in dividends because it will keep your customers interested in what your company has to offer.
Another reason QR Codes are so important is due to their versatility. They can be printed on nearly any label and surface without distracting from the product’s label design. This versatility is part of what spawned their popularity’s meteoric rise, and is why they have started to appear across all product platforms.
QR Codes also offer a great way to track the success of a specific promotion or marketing program. Your company can track how many times a specific code has been scanned in real time, offering up-to-the-minute results. They also give your company the ability to track other results, such as how many people are looking for information on a specific product. This can lead to new and interesting data your company may not have had otherwise.
We would love to help your company grow its business through the use of our QR Codes. Please contact us to further discuss the importance of them and how they will not only enhance your business, but help keep your customers engaged and excited!