Enhance your packaging with a Quick Response Code

QR Codes are a proven way to increase sales.

They are a very cost-effective way for brands to drive consumers online and provide them with more information. QR Codes* help brands measure engagement through metrics such as when and where the code was scanned, duration of time spent on the brand’s site, and unique user usage. A QR Code can hold several hundred digits, are omnidirectional (readable from any direction), and will even function properly if partially damaged. Your company could also incorporate its logo or an image into the design of the QR Code, which helps consumers identify your brand.

QR codes had 1300% growth from 2012 to 2013.

Add Value to your product’s label and package by using Quick Response Codes to market smarter!

Quick Response (QR) codes offer an exciting and effective way to market your product and gain data for future marketing efforts. QR codes drive online marketing activity that delivers a higher marketing return for each label or package produced. More importantly, they allow you to learn valuable information about potential customers so you can market smarter.

At Whitlam Group, we aim to be at the forefront of QR code technology with our fully integrated solution that offers everything you need to market intelligently using QR codes. Whitlam Group has the experience, support, and expertise to deliver the results that you deserve.

*QR Code is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.


Quick Connect

Label 1
Scan with your smartphone or click to learn more about quick connect.

Personal Connect

Label 2
Scan with your smartphone or click to learn more about personal connect.

Enhance Connect

Label 3
Scan with your smartphone or click to learn more about enhance connect.

How it works

Consumers spend more time than ever on their phones; calling, texting, emailing, and surfing the Internet. To stay connected with your consumers across all of these activities, you need to integrate mobile into your marketing mix. Whitlam Group can take you to the next level with our QR Connect Solutions and show you new and exciting ways to execute a successful mobile campaign.

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