Tag & Label Manufacturers Associations 2011 Awards

Every year, label and tag manufacturers from around the world compete in the annual TLMI Awards Competition and in 2011, Whitlam Group didn’t walk away empty-handed. Forty-eight label-makers competed in the TLMI 2011 Awards and Whitlam won First Place for Excellent Technical Printing of a Coupon.
Before we explain how we designed the award-winning label, it’s crucial to understand what the goals of the Annual TLMI Awards Competition are. According to the TLMI website, the competition aims to “stimulate innovative printing and to recognize technical achievement in all areas of the narrow web industry, including tags and labels, cartons, flexible packaging, non-woven pressure-sensitives and more. The competition recognizes and honors the finest efforts of our converter members throughout the previous 12-month period.”
The coupon we designed is a culmination of several of our specialties. It’s both a Coupon Label and an Extended Content Label. It was this combination of label types that set us apart from the competition and a perfect, innovative example of why we’re the best in the business. One of the reasons this label was so successful isn’t just the fact that it’s a coupon that offers consumer a tangible return, but that it has more information than meets the eye. The beauty of an extended content label is that it offers consumers more than they think. Add that to the idea and philosophy of a successful coupon and it’s a label like none other.
Winning First Place is a great honor for Whitlam Group and we take immense pride in the labels we design and manufacture. Want to learn more about Whitlam? Head to our About Us page or give us a call today to learn how our products can help your business!