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Premium Trace Security Label Solutions

Track and trace security labeling systems are unique product identification solutions that can be applied covertly and overtly to individual products, cases, pallets or shipping containers. The unique markers can be scanned at any point and the information will be uploaded to centrally located data management systems. Brand owners and enforcement teams can access these information systems at any time with the help of trace security labels to track and authenticate their products at any point in the supply chain, from production to the retail shelf. They are commonly used to detect tampering with unique tracking identifications. When a tamper-resistant seal is removed it visually destructs to show that tampering has occurred.

Trace Security Label Facts:

  • End-user verification builds customer confidence and brand loyalty
  • Early detection of counterfeiting or diversion in a supply chain
  • Labels are deterrents to counterfeiters
  • Ability to have targeted product recalls
  • Trace security labeling assists in return warranty verification
  • More authentication labels are available from Whitlam

Security labeling applications include:

– Serialized Codes
– Intelligence Reporting
– Simple Authentication Solutions

Security tracking labels are also commonly used as packaging tape on small primary packages. These include bottles and cartons.  Larger applications include shipping containers,  unit loads, palletized products, and other products where track and trace are required.

Whitlam Label has years of experience in “track and trace” labeling. This includes the application of topcoats that are durable, resistant to extreme temperatures, and many industrial solvents. Our inks are specially formulated, which means they won’t wash off or fade with time.  Our trace security label adhesive is very important and that is why we focus on making it strong. This helps to prevent labels from being removed during manufacturing.

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Trace Security Labels by Whitlam

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