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Tamper evident labels are destructible papers and films which change the appearance or are destroyed when an attempt is made to remove them or to transfer them onto other products.

Tamper Indicating Technology

The primary function of labels or seals described as tamper-evident or tamper-resistant is to indicate or prevent alteration by tampering and/or to indicate that an article is genuine and fit for use.

Tamper Evidence

If the label is breached or missing, it can be reasonably expected to provide visible evidence to suppliers, retailers, or consumers that tampering has occurred.

Destructible Labels

When label removal is attempted, the label will break into pieces and show signs of product tampering.

Temperature Indicators

Self-expiring indicators and self-destructing labels, or similar devices, that are designed to record the history of a product/pack temperature profile as it progresses through its life cycle.

Trace Security Labels by Whitlam

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