Covert Technology

Solutions that are not visible to the human eye—they can include specialty inks, nanoencryption, and taggants that are in the packaging or product, and can only be read with proprietary readers or detectors.

Overt Technology

Overt technology features are authentication devices built into labels and/or packages, which are visible and show dynamic visual effects. Overt technology includes bar codes, specialty inks and labels, intaglio printing, holograms, watermarks, tamper-evident film, and more.

Tamper Indicating Technology

The primary function of labels or seals described as tamper-evident or tamper-resistant is to indicate or prevent alteration by tampering and/or to indicate that an article is genuine and fit for use.

Key Solutions: Delaminates on tampering or removal in a unique way, leaving permanent evidence of the seal. Transfer void message

Track and Trace Technology

Track and trace systems are unique product identification solutions that can be applied covertly and overtly to individual products, cases, pallets, or shipping containers. The unique markers can be scanned at any point with the information being uploaded to centrally located data management systems. Brand owners and enforcement teams can access these information systems at any time to track and authenticate their products at any point in the supply chain, from production to the retail shelf.

Key Solutions: End-user verifications Build customer confidence and brand loyalty, early detection of counterfeits or diverted in a supply chain, Deterrent to counterfeiters, Ability to have targeted product recalls, return warranty verification.

Serialized Codes, Intelligence reporting, Simple Authentication solutions!

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