Whitlam was founded in 1957. Since that time Whitlam has gone by a fundamental principle that we call our Core Values. Our Core Values define who we are and what we stand for.
One of Whitlam’s core values is to be kind and respectful. To us this means celebrating our similarities AND our differences. We show kindness by exhibit friendliness to everyone who walks through our door or who we meet. We have respect for each other, suppliers, customers and business partners. When someone has a difference of opinion, we listen to them and are open to what they have to say. Whitlam exhibits patience and a kind attitude. We show empathy by putting ourselves in other peoples shows.
Secondly, Whitlam exhibits honesty and integrity by taking pride in our work. Here at Whitlam we aren’t afraid of failure because we learn from our mistakes. At Whitlam we do what we say we will do, and we follow through. If someone asks us a question that we don’t know we aren’t afraid to do research or ask someone else for help until we know the answer.
Thirdly we try our best to go above and beyond. This includes:

  • Being future focus with a mind toward the future
  • Exceed expectations
  • Be innovated
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continual improvement
  • Adopt a “Can Do/ Will Do” attitude
  • Try new ideas, multiple times if necessary, and not give up
  • Offer potential improvement and look for new and innovative solutions
  • Be “All In”
  • Get Involved – Explain and Train
  • Challenge the Status Quo

Teamwork is our fourth core value. We encourage teamwork and demonstrate a willingness to help others. We lift each other up and work together to find the best solutions.  We make sure to communicate often and clearly. We are helpful to everyone, especially for those that are new. Often, we celebrate one another and our achievements.
As many of us like to say:

“It takes a Village”

All these core values show through in our last core value which is customer focus. Customer focus is one of our most important values because our customers are very important to us and we put our customers first. Whitlam display’s a true commitment to excellence. We create strong partnership with our customers and strive to be a good active listener that are open to new ideas and changes. With our open-mindedness we make sure we understand the needs of others. Our customers can see our core values shine through because not only do we treat each other with kindness, respect, honesty and integrity but we make sure we follow through and treat our customers the same. Whitlam is a family and our customers are part of our family.
With Whitlam’s core values we make sure that we add value wherever we go, and with whomever we meet. Using our technical knowledge and experience we make the tough stuff easy. If you would like more information about Whitlam please contact us today!