Whitlam Group would like to introduce our Account Support Supervisor, Jillian Ouvry.
Jillian has a Bachelors in Healthcare Administration and a Masters in Business Administration Management.
With Jillian’s experience working in business she has developed skills in extensive business integrations, account growth, EDI integration, process efficiency streamlining, 5S, logistical organization, and developing training programs.
Jillian is passionate about helping people which allows her to be very customer focused and develop relationships with our customers.
With Jillian’s new position at Whitlam she is excited about the projects she will part-take in to help move the business forward with increased efficiency and success. She looks forward to becoming part of Whitlam’s humble family of people who are passionate about their employees and one another. Jillian can already tell that we work together to build each other up and she already loves that about Whitlam. Jillian is looking forward to being part of such a wonderful company.
Outside of her time at work, Jillian loves to spend her free time with family and friends. She is married with 6 kids, 1 dog and 1 cat. She loves movies and adventurous outdoor activities.
Something interesting that Jillian wanted to share about her new position is how she got the job opportunity here at Whitlam. Jillian said that:

“Whitlam opportunity was actually a really interesting event in my life, one day as I was beginning to consider looking for a new opportunity in my career; I received a message on LinkedIn from a recruiter whom was seeking to fill this position.  We know how that turned out!  It was the perfect fit for my experience as well as what I was looking for and found me through a pure act of fate.”

We are happy that Jillian has joined are team here at Whitlam and we welcome here with open arms. Welcome to Whitlam Jillian!