Everyone is familiar with scratch off cards and how they work. The fun begins when you purchase a scratch off card, and you know that there is a possibility that you may win an awesome prize. We all hope to be the winner, but the excitement involved in whether you will be the lucky winner is what makes scratch offs so much fun.
In today’s online society it is hard for businesses to keep customers visiting their stores. One marketing strategy that will help keep customer engaged, and make you memorable is promotional scratch off cards. Fun promotional items, like scratch off cards, can bring customer to your business. They allow shoppers to have fun while shopping.
How to get Started
Scratch offs don’t have to be in a card form. They can be in a label or tag form as well. They can include anything under the surface of the scratch off, including text, codes, images or barcodes. You can be as creative as your mind will allow. Here are some things to consider when designing your scratch off label.

  1. What kind of different promotions do you want to do and how many of each? (discounts, giveaways, etc.)
  2. When will your promotion run?
  3. How long will they have to redeem their prize?
  4. Will everyone be a winner?
  5. How will you hand out the scratch off labels?
  6. Do you want them to be labels, tags or cards?
  7. How many do you want to hand out and where?
  8. What other information do you want on your label besides the scratch off?
  9. What do you want the message of your label to say under and around the scratch off area?
  10. What kind of label specifications do you have? (size, substrate, color, etc.)

Scratch off messages can be as simple as “Winner” or “Try Again” and as complex as various longer messages or images. Here are some ideas for promotional scratch off labels:

  1. Size or quantity upgrade
  2. Money/percent off on product/service
  3. Free product/service
  4. Buy one, get one offers
  5. Complimentary service upgrade
  6. Free estimation on service

Scratch off cards can even be used internally to help build up employee moral or at company events. Here are some ideas for internal company use:

  1. Cash bonus
  2. Extra PTO time
  3. Giveaway prizes
  4. Lunch on the company
  5. Boss for a day

Whitlam Group

When planning your scratch off promotions the possibilities are endless. Whitlam’s scratch off labels are a great way to engage with your customers via a contest or game! These promotional scratch off labels are a great way to bring customers, and keep your customers returning and engaged.
Whitlam can help you get started. Contact us today and we will do our absolute best to meet all your scratch off design needs.