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Games & Sweepstakes Labels

Engage consumers with games & sweepstakes!

Build your Loyalty with games & sweepstakes programs, and consumers will keep coming back while bringing you immediate and measurable ROI

Whether it’s instant win, web, or collect-and-win games, we provide you with high-impact game pieces that will help you create the perfect game or sweepstake to fit your application.

With our multiple printing techniques and variable imaging capabilities, Whitlam Group can engineer the perfect game or sweepstakes piece to meet your needs. Whether you want personalization for one-to-one marketing or security features to safeguard your product, Whitlam Group will provide you with high-impact game pieces that will give you astonishing results.

  • Why Peel & Reveal Labels?

    Games & Sweepstakes are great on-pack promotions! They are a good way to raise awareness of your product range, stand out from your competition, and drive multiple and repeat purchases.

  • How Peel & Reveal Labels Work!

    Peel & reveal labels encourage your consumer to peel the label back, so that the message printed on the backside can be revealed for Instant Win, on-pack games, or sweepstakes.

  • Why Scratch-Offs?

    Scratch-offs are very popular because they give the consumer an opportunity to instantly win, and consumers enjoy being surprised… it’s natural human curiosity.

  • How Scratch-Offs Work!

    A scratch-off is where a selected area needs to be scratched to see whether a prize has been won, or to reveal a secret code, etc.

  • Why QR Codes?

    QR Codes are a very cost-effective way for brands to drive consumers online and provide them with more information. QR Codes help brands measure engagement through metrics such as when and where the code was scanned, duration of time spent on the brand’s site, and unique user usage.

  • How QR Codes Work!

    A QR Code can hold several hundred digits, are omnidirectional (readable from any direction), and will even function properly if partially damaged.

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