Now, that’s not a slight to any of our customers. Rather, this is a true story!
An artist bet his friend back in 2001 that with the right packaging, he could sell literal garbage (from the streets of New York City). Ten years later, they’re still selling. For $50, you can buy a cube of genuine, authentic garbage from the fertile streets of New York City.
New York City garbage in beautiful packaging
While this is a nice lighthearted look at an artist’s project, the real news here is that with high quality labels, your product can stand out—and we’re pretty sure you’re not selling garbage, either. Holographic, lenticular and color shifting substrates combined with translucent and opaque inks create dazzling package designs that also help consumers identify the brand. With the right packaging ideas, your packaging itself could become a part of your brand. Think of what Capri Sun did in the 80s—they invented an entirely new way to market beverages by leveraging the power of flexible packaging, and it helped launch their brand into the hearts and minds of kids everywhere. Most people don’t talk about the taste of Capri Sun, after all.
If you’re thinking about increasing your sales, take a look at the packaging for your product. Try to see it with fresh eyes. Do you think there’s something you could do to make it more attractive, or make it jump out at consumers?
The old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover” is really somewhat inaccurate, as people will indeed judge products by their packaging. Something to keep in mind if you’re trying to increase your sales.