Introduction of New MIS/ERP Software

Whitlam Group is proud to announce that we have chosen to select EFI Radius as our new MIS/ERP software. Previously, we had used the EFI PSI system, but because of Whitlam’s steady growth, that system was no longer meeting our company’s management or business needs. We plan for this new system to be fully implemented at our Metro Detroit plant by the fall of 2012.
EFI Radius will allow us to increase the efficiency of not only our automated printing systems, but our employees as well. The system is designed to allow for end-to-end, automated business process management from the order request all the way to order completion. EFI Radius is also very flexible in that allows us to meet the unique needs of our expanding company.
In an EFI press release, Whitlam Chief Operating Officer Alex Elezaj said, “After taking a close look at EFI Radius, we selected the system because of its specific focus on labels and packaging, the stability of EFI as a service provider, and the scalable nature of the platform that will allow it to grow with us as our business grows.”
He added that there are other benefits to the software system, too. Specifically the ability to collect and analyze real-time data, which will allow us to be more informed and make better, more “proactive business decisions.” Elezaj continued, saying, “We’ll be able to dig into how the presses are running, look at operator performance, see profitability information, and more, which will enable us to be more efficient and to provide even higher levels of customer service.”
EFI general manager David Taylor also touted the benefits of EFI Radius, saying, “One of the greatest strengths of EFI Radius is its robust business intelligence system that is unmatched in the market today. With the many standard BI tools that come with Radius, our customers are empowered with information to help them transform their operations.”
We are confident that by implementing a new management software system, Whitlam Group will not only become a more efficient company, but a better company. To learn what Whitlam can do for you, contact us today.