The Many Uses of Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is a rapidly growing industry. This year, it’s a $26 billion industry, but by 2015 it’s projected to grow to a whopping $70.15 billion globally.
This packaging is primarily used in the food and beverage industry, both retail and industrial. Flexible packaging is cheaper, less complex, and more environmentally sustainable and friendly than old-fashioned mixed plastic and carboard. Besides food and beverage, this multi-functional packaging has uses in medical, pharmaceutical, non-food retail, and other consumer products.
There are many current and upcoming trends that make this packaging even more compelling: Easy open and reclose options, sustainability advancements, and custom-shaped packages, just to name a few.
Take a look at our infographic. If you have more questions about flexible packaging and how it can help you with your needs, contact us. We’re happy to help!
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Trends in flexible packaging