It’s no surprise organizations within the labeling and packaging industry are trying to become more eco-friendly with their packaging efforts. Technological advances within the capabilities of many packaging organizations have made these requests much easier. Here at Whitlam Group we try to inform you about the latest advancements within the packaging industry. Today, we are going to highlight a new packaging design, which may soon sweep the nation. Take a look below at a picture of the very first aseptic milk carton bottle.

Earlier this month, Tetra Pak launched the release of its new product, the Tetra Evero™ Aseptic. The new bottle is being recognized for its easy handling, pouring and major improvements with its environmental costs, pertaining to the manufacturing process of the bottle itself. The carton is also made from FSC™-certified paperboard and is recyclable.
Copporación Alimentaria Peñssonta (CAPSA) will be the first customers for Tetra Evero. CAPSA is the largest dairy organization within the country of Spain. CAPSA plans to release the new carton as part of their Asturiana line of products, which consists of three new milk products.
Pedro Astals, CEO of CAPSA, stated “This package expresses evolution, a very advanced step in comparison with today’s packages. Tetra Evero Aseptic is the perfect match of a high value-added product with a highly developed package.”
One of Germany’s largest dairies, Weihenstephan, seems to be the next dairy expected to use the new aseptic milk carton. Rumors have started to spread that Weihenstephan will release its new aseptic milk carton towards the end of May.
Tetra Evero Aspectic plans to market the new carton to the white milk market. Eventually they plan to expand their product to cover a wide variety of products, including flavored milk and cream.
How well do you think this new milk carton will do within the European market? Do you think major organizations within the U.S. will start to adopt the new milk carton? Give us your opinions and comments; we would love to hear your view on this subject.