Recycling in the packaging industry has always been a challenge. Many of the materials used in packaging products are difficult to recycle because they need to be separated after disposal. Think of a shiny retail bag you’d get at a retailer in a mall or clothing store: The materials that go into a typical high end bag could be paper, a high-gloss plastic laminate, sometimes metal foil embossing, various fibers for the handles (some synthetic, some natural), a variety of inks, and perhaps even metal or plastic grommets. When you break it down and think of all the components, you begin to see the difficulty in recycling such a product.
100% recyclable packaging is on the way
However, retailers and packaging manufacturers are taking steps to make their packaging 100% recyclable. Hi end fashion brand Gucci, for example, just last year started creating fully recyclable bags for their retail customers. The bags still retain the sleek fit and finish that customers expect with the Gucci brand, but they are made with sustainable methods and materials. The laminates have been removed, the handles are made with 100% cotton, the paper is sourced from renewable forests, and so on.
When sourcing a packaging provider for your product, consider this: Can your provider design your package to be disposable from the start? Can they make a package designed as if you were going to get all the materials back?
We’re concerned about the environment just as much as you are, and we are also passionate about the effectiveness, performance, and utility of your packaging. It’s all well and good to have eco-friendly packaging, but if it tears easily, or doesn’t hold all of your product, or isn’t attractive on a retail shelf, what good is it to you? Luckily, more and more options for recyclable packaging that does meet all of these needs are becoming available.
We can help you with your fully recyclable packaging needs. As responsible corporate citizens and manufacturers, we’re just as invested in taking care of the environment as you are. Let us know what your packaging needs are!