Need a label printed on plastic? How about on paper or cellophane? Or metal film? Here at Whitlam Group, we have the resources and technology to do that with Flexographic Printing. Flexographic printing, or Flexo for short, is a method of digital printing using mostly water-based inks to print labels on a variety of materials and substrates and is one of the most common forms of printing in the industry.
We know how important it is for a product to pop out on the shelf, especially in the current economy, and by using Whitlam Group’s Flexographic Printing service, your products will stand above the competition wherever people are shopping. What makes this type of printing so valuable is that it’s cost-effective and can used on a multitude of surfaces ranging from plastic to metal to paper. We have the capabilities to use Flexography to print up to 17-inches wide and can use up to 12 different colors.  And, because of this variety, Flexographic Printing offers customizable, unique labels for your products.

Whitlam Makes Flexographic Printing Look Good!

Outside of what we mainly do within the industry, Flexographic Printing is primarily used for the printing of comics, newspapers and their inserts, as well as catalogs and directories. As for packaging, which is where Whitlam Group excels, Flexo is used to print labels, packaging materials and folding cartons. One of the questions that gets raised to our sales staff is the amount of ink involved since ink is expensive, which would elevate our customers’ costs.  Yes, Flexographic printing does use a lot of ink.  Fortunately, one of the biggest advantages of Flexography is that some machines have the capability to recycle most of the unused ink and wash waters.  This ultimately minimizes costs for both you and us.
Whitlam Group recognizes that you have a choice when it comes to your printing and packaging needs.  The difference with us lies not only in the services we offer, like Flexographic printing, but also in our customer service and how we run our business.  We are constantly striving to stay green and keep up on industry advancements, all while maintaining the stringent quality standards we set. There’s a reason Whitlam is ISO certified and why we’re able to keep that certification.
Do you have questions about Flexographic printing and what it can do for your product or products? Contact Whitlam Group today and let us help develop a printing solution that makes sense for you!