The times in today’s market have never been so tough!  Unemployment is still at a high rate, and people are trying their best to save every last penny they can.  So what can you do to make sure people are still buying your products during these economic struggles? Coupons of course! Instant redeemable coupons are a highly effective marketing tool, and can bring in great returns, for a small cost.  Whitlam Group specializes in printing these coupons and we can help along the way with your coupon printing needs.

Now, just because we say that coupons are an effective marketing tool, you may not be convinced that they will be a productive measure to increase product sales.  Well according to the experts, more than 80% of consumers use coupons, and 70% of consumers make their purchasing decisions within the store.

Another incentive is the small cost it takes to make your coupons.  Whitlam Group has the capabilities to make custom coupons and labels, to facilitate your businesses needs.  An instant redeemable coupon’s cost is an extremely small percentage of the total cost of your products and their packaging.

The objective of coupons is to attract and capture sales from new customers, and keep loyal customers coming back for more.  This will also help generate repeat purchases from new customers, and establish brand loyalty with your present customers.   Consumers will recognize the great incentive of saving money, and will start to purchase your products.

So you have decided to get some coupons printed for your products…what’s next?  The most important issues to keep in mind are listed below:

1.    Bar Code/Databar
2.    Expiration
3.    Face Value
4.    Legal Copy
5.    Offer Code
6.    Piggy Back /Perforation/ etc
7.    Product Illustration
8.    Product Name & Logo
9.    Purchase Requirements
10.    Redemption Address
11.    Source Identification

Another good idea is to keep a checklist together to make sure you have done everything you can to make sure that you get the most out of your coupons.  We at Whitlam Group recommend that you use the following list:

Coupon Check list
Establish objectives for your coupon program
Determine the face value of the Coupon
Determine the number of consumers you want to redeem
Choose a method of distribution
Estimate the quantity of coupons distributed
Budgeting and funding
Develop the coupon design
Create a barcode
Print & distribute the coupon

Some final things to understand if you are still skeptical of developing a coupon campaign for your products.  It has been proven that instant redeemable coupons have the highest redemption rate of all coupon types.  Coupons have been proven to improve your sales by gaining a bunch of new customers, who are trying to save money.




You may be worried that you’ll have to extend your product’s packaging, if you’re thinking about expanding your label space.  Whitlam Group has the ability to use a wide variety of formats and designs, to suit just about any type of container or product type.

Finally, coupons are a highly measurable form of marketing, so you will be able to easily track the return of your coupon campaigns.

Whitlam Group specializes in this form of coupon printing.  Contact us today to learn how we can bring you new customers, and more sales.