What are Egress Labels?
Wrinkles in bubbles in labels can affect a products appearance. Bubbling issues can occur with injection-molded plastics products. These products are commonly used in the durable goods industry.
Air Egress labels allow air to flow freely between a product and a label. This allows air from outgassing and entrapment to escape quickly. This process is created in the substrate using a micro-embossed texture to create an even finish. This complex texture that is created in the adhesive allows any trapped air to escape when the label is applied to a products surface. 
Stray bubbles no longer have a chance to ruin the smooth application your label requires. Heat causes outgassing and bubbling of labels, but micro-embossed materials allow those bubbles to escape and keep the surface of the label smooth throughout the entire label’s lifetime. Labels on injection-molded plastics are more prone to bubbles or wrinkles but with Air Egress labels this is no longer a concern. Air Egress materials are durable and long lasting. They allow outgasses to escape even after environmental aging over time.
Features and Benefits

  • Allow labeling of products right away.
  • Even and consistent appearance
  • Eliminates bubbles and wrinkles immediately.
  • Go on smoothly and stay that smooth.
  • Outgassing or entrapment of air can escape rapidly.
  • When labels are exposed to high temperatures over 104°F there is no longer a risk for future bubbling.
  • Air Egress Labels can be manually or automatically applied.
  • Label designs can be created for larger surfaces for better branding.
  • Larger labels can be applied without bubbling issues.
  • Saves consumer unnecessary labor costs for reapplication and material waste.
  • Durable and long lasting

Air Egress labels can be used on a variety of durable labeling applications. Automotive labels, under hood applications, water heaters, lawn equipment, recreational vehicles and chemical drums for outdoor applications are just some of the products that Air Egress labels can be used on. Some examples of labels include, product identification labels, barcodes and rating labels, work in progress labels, property identification and asset tags, and durable goods labeling.
Whitlam works with different substrate suppliers to ensure that we meet your label requirements. We understand the importance of branding and why it is important to make sure that your label meets your brand standards. Whitlam cares about your products appearance. Contact us today if you would like more information about how we can help you have good quality labels on your products.