Micro-Channeled Adhesive Technology

Hand or Machine Applied Labels Go on Smoothly and Stay That Way

Unique microchannels within the adhesive allow air bubbles that are trapped underneath decals to flow out freely from between the adhesive and the substrate.

Keep the bubbles where they belong and NOT under your important graphics! With the use of a channeled adhesive, our product has a means for trapped air to escape, not only during application but also when air bubbles develop from out-gassing plastics! Coated with a high-performance aggressive solvent acrylic adhesive, these label products provide the durability needed to keep the label in place even in harsh environments.

This performance label construction is a great low-cost solution to avoid going to in-mold labeling. Even when labels are used on thermo-formed plastic parts, bubbles that form from the plastic out-gassing can be smoothed to regain a neat graphic appearance.

Durable Adhesion for Long Term Dependability

The high-performance acrylic adhesive has high strength bond to many surfaces including LSE plastics, powder coatings, and even oily metals. Label with confidence on everything from automotive durable goods, underhood applications, water heaters, and lawn equipment, to recreational vehicles, and many chemical drums for outdoor applications.

Resistance to chemicals, moisture, and extreme temperatures keep the label on the job even in tough environments.

Technical Specifications

Facestock Adhesive Liner Image & Graphics Minimum Application Temperature Adhesion Conformability* Environmental Resistance
Metal HSE LSE Chemical Moisture UV Temperature
White Polyester (2.0 mils) 1.1 mils Permanent very aggressive translucent solvent acrylic 90# PCK ** Full-Color Printing Capability Available 50°F 9 10 10 2 9 9 8 -40°F to 302°F
Brushed silver polyester (2.0 mils)
Extended Life Vinyl White (3.8 mils) 10 4 7 7 -20°F to 140°F
  • *Relative performance values with 1 lowest, 10 highest
  • ** Embossed Liner
  • HSE = High Surface Energy substrate
  • LSE = Low Surface Energy substrate

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