Remember when you were a kid and you’d dig into a box of cereal for the prize?  It was fun and it was all about the anticipation. You don’t have to lose that sense of fun as an adult and, fortunately, also as an adult, you no longer have to dig into a box of Captain Crunch for the prize.
Some companies have continued to capture our post-adolescent attention and anticipation by providing better prizes through a more creative means than digging around. It’s no secret that getting and keeping the attention of a customer base is essential to having a successful business, and using Whitlam Group’s Scratch-Off Labels is a great way to engage with your customers via a contest or game!

Whitlam Group Scratch Off Piece

What makes the Scratch-Off Label so effective is that it plays to customers’ natural curiosity. When someone sees that enticing silver patch on a product, rarely do they not grab the nearest coin or key to find out what lies beneath, especially when there’s a good chance they’ll be greeted with a “You Won!” message.
We all want to “get lucky” and it’s the simple fact that the actual act of scratching  off a label, regardless of whether you win or not, is just fun because of the excitement involved. Best of all (for the business involved), few things bring in more business and excitement than a fun product. Why? Because a fun product has the potential for repeat customers and positive word-of-mouth. And it goes without saying that the more positive word-of-mouth the product receives, the more likely you’ll be to gain new customers.
Scratch-Off Labels can be used to conceal a secret code, which gives customers access to more information about your product or reveals that they may have won a prize.  Either way, these labels are sure to keep customers engaged in your product or service. Does your company engage in social media? If so, why not allow your fans or followers to post or tweet about their excitement? It’s essentially free press and your customers are doing the work for you! The more fun you make the product and scratch-off, the better chance your business has in developing positive online buzz.
We can help! At Whitlam Group, we hold ourselves to a very high standard in both production and customer service. This means we’ll do our absolute best to meet all of your Sratch-Off Label design needs and deliver what you need to wow your customers.
Packaging and labeling doesn’t sound like the most dynamic industry, but the more creative you are, the more creative we can be.  Choosing Whitlam Group for your Scratch-Off Labels is the best choice for your company’s needs. Contact Whitlam Group and let us help you develop something to grab your customers’ interest and keep it!